James R. Standring, Esq.

You and your loved ones can rely on Attorney Standring’s courtroom prowess, experience, and extensive knowledge to guide you through the process toward a favorable result for you.

If you or a loved one find themselves in need of a criminal defense attorney in the Phoenix area, James Ronald “JR” Standring can help. Whether you want to take your case to trial or if you want to try to reduce your exposure with a negotiated plea deal, Attorney Standring will consult closely with you to devise the best legal strategy for you.

Attorney Standring firmly believes that effective representation begins with good communication between attorney and client. The attorney-client relationship is not a one-way street. Rather, the attorney-client relationship should be about frank discussions between the two. Attorney Standring knows that in order for him to provide the representation his clients demand – and deserve – his clients must be prepared to open up to him. Sometimes it takes time for someone to open up, but it will happen with work. Why is it so important? The answer is simple: the details about a person’s life help shape the case. Every case is unique because the people involved are unique. Conversely, Attorney Standring encourages his clients to take an active role in their defense by asking questions of him. Focusing on building a relationship with his clients engenders trust between his client and himself.

Attorney Standring brings a wealth of experience to representing his clients. He has the benefit of over 15 years in the practice of law. He has represented numerous clients facing various charges ranging from misdemeanors to felonies, including:

  • DWI-alcohol,
  • DWI-drugs,
  • Drug possession,
  • Assaults and other violent offenses,
  • Disorderly conduct,
  • Non-violent felonies such as theft and other white-collar crimes,
  • Domestic violence cases such as assaults and violations of protective orders,
  • Minor in possession of alcohol, and
  • Various traffic offenses such as reckless driving and operating with a suspended license.

Attorney Standring accumulated significant experience as an attorney since he was admitted to the state bar of Texas in 1999 after graduating from the University of Vermont School of Law. In Texas, Attorney Standring focused his practice on several areas of litigation in addition representing criminal defendants. Attorney Standring’s practice areas included oil and gas and mineral title law as well as general litigation involving issues such as business litigation and litigation before the federal courts in federal communication theft cases. Attorney Standring has also litigated complex legal issues relating to breach of contract, wrongful ejectment, and denial of surface rights as well as being involved in complex bankruptcy cases.

In 2015, Attorney Standring returned to his home state of Arizona. He was admitted to the Arizona state bar in 2016 and graduated from the Arizona College of Trial Advocacy that same year. Upon commencing his practice in Arizona, Attorney Standring has practiced criminal law in addition to representing clients in other areas of need. He is a member of the bar of the United States District Court for the District of Arizona in addition to his state bar memberships. Attorney Standring is also affiliated with the Pima County Bar Association.

Attorney Standring’s long and illustrious career, full of diverse legal experience, is an asset for his clients. Attorney Standring’s broad experience helps him anticipate what maneuvers the prosecution might take in a case. Additionally, Attorney Standring’s sophisticated legal research skills allow him to pursue legal arguments developed through exhaustive legal research that prosecutors, and even some defense attorneys, have neither the time nor the inclination to pursue. That gives you the advantage in court.

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BA, University of Arizona
JD, Vermont School of Law

Bar and Court Admissions

Arizona State Bar
Texas State Bar
US District Court of Arizona