Telling Your Employer about DUI in Arizona

telling your employer about dui

Telling Your Employer about DUI in Arizona

telling your employer about duiA DUI arrest is incredibly stressful – you probably feel confused, ashamed and uncertain of the circumstances. At the time, you probably believe that the arrest is going to turn your life around. It could, especially in the event of a conviction. This is why you have to be prepared.

Do you have to tell your employer about a DUI arrest? The answer is pretty much dependent on occupation and a few other specifics.

Are You Obliged to Tell Your Arizona Employer about a DUI Arrest?

The short answer to this question is no.

Getting arrested in Arizona is your own business and you’re not under obligation to share that information with an employer or another person. A few exceptions do exist, however.

An arrest is not a conviction. Hence, you’re not guilty of a crime until an Arizona court determines so. You may have to inform your employer of an arrest only if you have government clearance coming with a contractual obligation for your employer to provide information about arrests to the respective authority.

If your contract states you should inform an employer about an arrest, you will need to do so. Such information could be outlined in the employer’s handbook, which is why you should always read work-related documentation carefully before signing anything.

The same applies to drivers or individuals who need to operate a vehicle as a part of their job. Most often, there will be a clause related to DUI arrests and convictions for such specialized types of jobs. Some insurance companies need information about such arrests, making it impossible for you to withhold the information from your employer.

In instances when you’re not 100 percent certain whether you should communicate information about an arrest with your employer, you’ll need to talk to an Arizona DUI attorney. Your lawyer will advise you, give you a better idea about your rights and your obligations in the aftermath of a DUI arrest.

Sharing Information with Your Employer Is Up to You

Even if you’re not contractually-obliged to let your employer know, you could decide to share this type of information with your manager.

If you are convicted of a DUI, the information will reach your boss sooner or later. You may want to engage in open an honest communication as a preemptive measure in such circumstances.

Weigh the pros and the cons of divulging your arrest. One of the benefits of informing your boss on your own is that you can provide context this way.

When a company receives information about an employee conviction, it’s likely that the worst will be assumed. Attempting to explain the situation in the aftermath of the condition will do little to rectify the situation. If you take charge of the accident, however, you could explain the DUI conviction and the factors that led to it. Honest remorse and understanding of where you went wrong will always be appreciated.

The Ways a DUI Conviction Could Impact Your Job

It’s also a wise idea to inform your boss if a DUI conviction is going to affect your ability to do your job.

Commercial drivers and postal workers, for example, will be incapable of doing their job because of the license revocation resulting from a DUI conviction in Arizona. Thus, you should be preparing for a worst-case scenario.

Some companies also have policies in place that allow for employment termination in the event of a criminal conviction. Thus, you could lose your job if you are found guilty of driving under the influence.

Even if you don’t lose your job, you will have to deal with a legal process in the near future. You may have to take days off – yet another reason why you should probably inform your boss. If you’re a good worker and this is a first-time occurrence for you, chances are that a superior will show some understanding and compassion.

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