Collateral DUI Consequences with an Arizona DUI Conviction

collateral dui consequences

Collateral DUI Consequences with an Arizona DUI Conviction

collateral dui consequencesThe consequences of committing DUI in Arizona can be divided in two main groups – direct and indirect or collateral. Collateral consequences are the ones you will face eventually and not following the court procedure. They will depend on the severity of the crime and if you are a first-time misdemeanor offender, the collateral consequences can be minimized.

The Most Common Arizona DUI Collateral Consequences

Just about everyone is familiar with the direct and immediate consequences of being found guilty of driving under the influence – jail time, fines, license suspension and the installation of an ignition interlock device are just a few of the standard options.

Collateral consequences, however, can be much more difficult to pinpoint.

A higher insurance rate in the aftermath of a DUI conviction is one of the obvious collateral effects. Drivers will have to spend more on their auto insurance since they will be considered a high risk client by insurance companies.

Everyone who commits a DUI in Arizona will have to deal with a license suspension for a certain period of time. The absence of a license means it will be more difficult to move around, affecting one’s professional and social life. Even after the license is reinstated, the requirement for having an ignition interlock device in the car will make things a bit more difficult and expensive.

People having a specific profession may also experience serious problems as a result of driving under the influence.

Truck drivers and professional drivers are an obvious category. Apart from professional drivers, people who need to maintain and renew a professional license may also experience some difficulties. These professionals include nurses, doctors and even teachers. Mechanics may also need a license to do their job and such a license could be difficult to renew in the aftermath of a DUI conviction.

Other Possible Collateral Consequences

The most common indirect DUI effects have been summarized above but there could be other long-lasting issues you should be prepared to address.

People who have a DUI on their criminal record could find it difficult to travel to certain parts of the world. Canada, for example, has a zero tolerance and admissibility policy as far as DUIs are concerned. If you are considering a trip abroad, you will need to review local regulations in order to find out if you’ll qualify for a visa or a legal stay.

The same applies to those who are considering immigration to another country. Moving away from the US permanently is not going to be easy if you have a criminal record.

If you start looking for a new job in the years after your DUI conviction, you will potentially have to address some discrimination. While employers must have concrete arguments for disqualifying an applicant, discrimination does exist and it can be difficult to prove. Thus, finding new and gainful employment will become more difficult, especially if you’re a repeat offender or you committed aggravated or an extreme DUI.

A final and very important collateral consequence will become obvious in the event of a divorce. DUIs will affect child custody proceedings. If you are involved in a child custody dispute and you can’t reach an agreement with your ex, chances are that the DUI will be used against you.

Adoption agencies will also consider your criminal record. If you are planning to adopt a child, your DUI could stand in the way and make the challenging process even more excruciating.

The immediate impact and all of these collateral consequences make it imperative to seek a good DUI attorney. A good lawyer can help you get a less serious sentence or they may enter in a plea bargain for the purpose of reducing the sanctions. If there’s evidence of a violation during the investigative process, a lawyer may be capable of getting charges against you dismissed altogether.  Find out about the collateral DUI consequence including higher insurances rates after DUI.