are dui checkpoints legal in arizona

Are DUI Checkpoints Legal in Arizona?

Are DUI Checkpoints Legal in Arizona? If you’re like most people, you can’t stand going through a DUI checkpoint in Arizona. They’re inconvenient and can hold you up for a while. Plus, most drivers get nervous at a checkpoint even if they haven’t done anything wrong. Even though the officers are likely trying to take […]
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dui and jail time

DUI and Jail Time in Arizona

DUI and Jail Time in Arizona Clients facing DUI charges often ask if a conviction automatically means time in jail. The answer is complicated because Arizona DUI law outlines a variety of levels of severity for DUI offenses depending on the circumstances. You’ll also find that the penalties are more strict if you’ve already had […]
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cdl and dui

CDL and DUI in Arizona

CDL and DUI in Arizona Everyone knows that there are consequences for getting caught drinking and driving. Part of having a driver’s license is operating vehicles responsibly and sober. Many people in Arizona have another form of driver’s license – a commercial driver’s license. When a person has their commercial driver’s license, they face a […]
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