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are dui checkpoints legal in arizona

Are DUI Checkpoints Legal in Arizona?

Are DUI Checkpoints Legal in Arizona? If you’re like most people, you can’t stand going through a DUI checkpoint in Arizona. They’re inconvenient and can hold you up for a while. Plus, most drivers get nervous at a checkpoint even if they haven’t done anything wrong. Even though the officers are likely trying to take […]
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arizona statutory rape laws

Arizona Statutory Rape Laws

Arizona Statutory Rape Laws Nobody wants to think that teenager is sexually active. Deep down you know there’s a chance that it’s happening, but you don’t want to accept it. The fear is that someone older than your child could take advantage of them. The truth is that, until somebody reaches the age of eighteen […]
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dui and jail time

DUI and Jail Time in Arizona

DUI and Jail Time in Arizona Clients facing DUI charges often ask if a conviction automatically means time in jail. The answer is complicated because Arizona DUI law outlines a variety of levels of severity for DUI offenses depending on the circumstances. You’ll also find that the penalties are more strict if you’ve already had […]
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