A Look at Arizona’s Super Extreme DUI Laws

super extreme dui

A Look at Arizona’s Super Extreme DUI Laws

super extreme dui The fact that Arizona has distinguished regular DUI from super extreme DUI is a clear indication of how seriously state officials take this transgression.  Arizona laws for regular DUI are quite severe.  Those found guilty of super extreme DUI are subjected to even harsher penalties including a longer jail sentencing.  Let’s take a closer look at what super extreme DUI really means.

The Details on Super Extreme DUI

If an Arizona police officer determines a driver’s level of intoxication hits .200, he or she will experience significant losses in the context of driving and life itself.  Though super extreme DUI is charged in court as a misdemeanor offense, the punishment will be severe, even for first-time offenders.  Super extreme DUI jail sentences are significantly longer than normal DUI charges or even an Extreme DUI charge.  Arizonans slapped with a super extreme DUI are basically facing two “normal” DUIs at the same time.

Those who are found guilty of two super extreme DUIs face a felony charge.  Such drivers are also subjected to accessory punishments including but not limited to the loss of the ability to work in a capacity that requires driving, the addition of an ignition interlock device for an extended period of time and possibly a SR-22.  This automobile liability insurance document is mandated by the Motor Vehicle Department for drivers classified by insurance companies as high-risk drivers.

How to Combat a Super Extreme DUI Charge

In order to beat a super extreme DUI charge, you will need the assistance of a savvy Arizona DUI attorney.  Furthermore, you will face an extensive wait, have to pay for legal services and invest your time in this matter.  Though beating a super extreme DUI charge will require a significant amount of work, it is certainly possible to emerge penalty-free.  However, only those who hire experienced Arizona DUI attorneys stand even the slightest chance of successfully combating this charge.

Your Arizona DUI attorney might raise an argument that pokes holes in the District Attorney’s argument, police evidence, the frequency of arrests in the location in question and beyond.  Some Arizona DUI attorneys have successfully argued the manner in which the breathalyzer was applied and/or its last calibration date nullify the test results.  Even the number of arrests the police officer in question made for DUI in the past year can bolster your case.  If it appears as thought the police officer arrests supposed drunk drivers at an egregiously high frequency, the court might side in your favor.  Furthermore, if an excessive number of arrests occurred within a mile of the arrest location, the court might determine the police officer entrapped the driver.

Additional Arguments Worth Consideration

Though it certainly seems like an uphill battle to combat a super extreme DUI charge in Arizona, the best attorneys will explore all possible options to clear their client’s name.  Savvy DUI attorneys will attempt to determine the amount of time the police officers spends at the location at which the supposed violation was identified.  If it is determined the police officer took advantage of a hidden speed trap or if he or she was attempting to meet a ticket/arrest quote for the month, the case might be tossed.  Even the number of arrests after the first three weeks of the month and the percentage of aggregate monthly DUI-related arrests have the potential to shape the outcome of the case.

A truly dedicated Arizona DUI attorney will also question how the government determined the supposedly drunk driver’s blood alcohol concentration level actually caused impairment.  The Supreme Court has issued numerous diversity rulings throughout the years, making it perfectly clear there is no single blood alcohol concentration level suitable for every single person as no two bodies are exactly the same.  These are just some of the examples of the many ways in which a DUI attorney can fight super extreme DUI charges in Arizona.

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