Repeat DUI Offenders in Arizona

multiple dui offenders in arizona

Repeat DUI Offenders in Arizona

repeat dui offenders in arizonaDriving under the influence once and being convicted can have serious consequences. Repeat offenders should be prepared to face even bigger sanctions. Repeat offenders will have to deal with a longer jail sentence, as well as longer license revocation periods.

The Consequences of a Second DUI in Arizona

The consequences of a second DUI will be more serious than the sanctions a first-time offender will be subjected to. If there are aggravating circumstances (consuming an excessively large amount of alcohol, being impaired while a minor is in the car), the penalties could become even harsher.

A second DUI offense will lead to a Class 1 misdemeanor conviction. In this case, drivers will have to serve a 90-day jail sentence and there will be a fine of at least 2,000 dollars. If the driver has committed an extreme DUI for the second time, the jail time will be at least 120 days and the financial sanctions will reach 3,250 dollars.

Additional administrative penalties that the driver will have to deal with include a 90-day license suspension and the installation of an ignition interlock device (IID).

Repeat DUI Offenses

Repeat offenders who have more than two DUI conviction will face jail time of at least four months and an array of administrative sanctions. House arrest could be provided as a viable alternative in some of the cases. Individuals under house arrest will need to always wear an electronic monitoring device that provides information about their location in real time.

The fines in this case will start at 4,000 dollars and they could be higher in the presence of aggravating circumstances. The driver’s license will be revoked for 12 months or more and an ignition interlock device will also have to be installed for at least 12 months. Vehicle impoundment may also occur.

A court may order additional sanctions and corrective measures to reduce the risk of further recidivism. Intensive probation supervision and enlistment in a treatment program will often be court-mandated for repeat DUI offenders.

The aim of such programs is to reduce the dangers posed by a serious alcohol or drug addiction. Intensive counseling and monitoring may be needed to help individuals overcome the addiction and avoid getting themselves in dangerous situations in the future.

One of the most important things to understand is that third and subsequent DUI offenses will no longer be classified as felonies. You will be committing a felony and the lasting consequences include being completely banned from firearm possession, losing one’s ability to serve in the Armed Forces, becoming ineligible to vote and having limited employment options due to the criminal record.  Contact us for more information on multiple DUIs in Arizona.

Defense Strategies

Challenging subsequent DUI charges is important if you want to enjoy all of the rights and privileges you had before getting arrested. For the purpose, you’ll need to hire an experienced DUI attorney who will examine the procedural specifics of the investigation and build a solid strategy.

DUI charges can be challenged in numerous ways. Violations of constitutional rights, issues with administering the chemical BAC test and other procedural violations could contribute to the dismissal of evidence or the case itself. Even if the charges are not dropped 100 percent, the attorney could argue for less serious charges to replace the current ones in order to avoid being tried as a recidivist.

To be convicted, a person should be found guilty of driving under the influence before reasonable doubt. The prosecution’s job will be to provide all of the necessary evidence. At the same time, your lawyer will work incessantly to reduce the severity of the charges being brought against you or to obtain a more lenient punishment if the repeat offense can be proven.