DUI and Jail Time in Arizona

DUI and Jail Time in Arizona

DUI and Jail Time in Arizona

If you’re pulled over for DUI in Arizona, the cops are going to do a few things. First, they’ll look around to see if they see any open containers of alcohol in the car. They’re also going to look for drug paraphernalia, especially if they smell marijuana. They’re also going to observe you for signs of impairment. If you’ve been drinking, they’ll check to see if they smell alcohol. They also want to look at your eyes and see if they’re bloodshot. They’ll ask you a few questions to see if you’re slurring your words.

If the cops suspect you of being under the influence of drugs, they’ll look for all of the above. However, they’re also going to look for other things. They may look to see if you’re sweating profusely. The officers will also look to see if there’s evidence that you have recently injected drugs into your arms or neck. They need to protect you and the public from danger. This means they need to keep impaired drivers off the road – no matter what substance they’ve had.

If you’re arrested for DUI in Arizona, you’ll need help right away. Call and talk to one of our DUI defense lawyers in Arizona as soon as possible after your arrest.

More Than Likely You’ll Go to Jail

Unless you get pulled over buy a very sympathetic police officer, you’ll be going to jail. At a minimum, they’ll take you to the station to book you for DUI and any other related offenses. Depending on what day of the week it is, your DUI defense lawyer in Arizona may be able to get you out within an hour or so. It depends on whether there’s a judge handy and how agreeable the prosecutor is. If this isn’t possible, you’ll have to stay in jail until you’re granted bail. Your attorney will do all they can to expedite this process. They don’t want you to spend any more time than necessary in the country lockup.

The Cops May Also Impound Your Vehicle

Another consequence of being arrested for DUI is that your car may be impounded. The state has the right to confiscate any vehicle that’s associated with a crime. Again, there are times when the cops will cut you a break. If there’s a licensed driver in the car who hasn’t been drinking, they may allow them to take your car. The officer may also let you call a spouse or parent to come pick up your vehicle. But this is a courtesy. It’s not something they have to do.

You Should Call Your DUI Defense Lawyer in Arizona from the Jail

It may sound like a scene from the movies, but you do want to call your DUI defense lawyer in Arizona from jail. You will get your one phone call. They’ll more than likely let you make the call from your cell phone. This call should be to an attorney. If you can’t reach one because of the time, call your family and ask them to contact our office on your behalf. We’ll do our best to get someone over to meet with you as soon as possible.

Call Your Skilled DUI Defense Lawyer in Arizona

With so much at stake, you want to make sure the DUI defense lawyer in Arizona that you call is qualified to handle your case. All of the attorneys at our firm have more than enough experience to adequately handle your case and get you the best outcome possible.