Traveling Out of Arizona with an IID Device

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Traveling Out of Arizona with an IID Device

iid deviceLife becomes somewhat more challenging when you have to follow certain laws imposing restrictions on you. The installation of an ignition interlock device (IID) after you’ve been found guilty of driving under the influence in Arizona is one such restriction.

The IID has to be in every vehicle you own and drive for the entire court-mandated period. This requirement is clear and straightforward. Are there, however, additional limitations linked to using the IID? Can you travel out of Arizona and if so, do you have to deal with specific travel conditions?

Traveling Out of State with an IID

Pay attention to the license restrictions imposed after a DUI. These are the ones that could affect your ability to drive out of state. If there isn’t a limitation there, you can leave Arizona in a vehicle that has an IID installed in it.

Whether you need to cross the state border on a business trip or you’re going to visit relatives for Christmas, you can make it happen as long as the terms and conditions of your DUI conviction are being met. The IID itself isn’t stopping you from taking the car out of Arizona.

How About Leaving Arizona Long-Term?

If you’re going to be leaving Arizona for a longer period of time, you’ll still have to fulfill the terms and conditions of your state conviction.

This means you need to have the ignition interlock device in your vehicle for the specified time period.

The ADOT website states that if you’re about to leave Arizona for a longer period of time, you’ll need to contact your IID manufacturer. The company will locate an official representative in the state you’ll be relocating to. This entity will be responsible for servicing and maintaining the device in your car while you’re out of Arizona.

It is your responsibility to inform the IID manufacturer and make the necessary arrangements. A failure to properly install and maintain the IID could contribute to issues down the line.

There’s also no need to have your IID installed in Arizona. IID installers in other states follow the same standards and requirements, enabling you to meet the terms of your Arizona conviction.

Tips and Suggestions for Traveling Out of State with an IID

If you’re planning a car trip out of Arizona in the near future, you’ll need to handle a few essentials in advance.

Communicate with your probation officer to make sure that you have the right to travel across state lines. Next, check your license or if you have concerns about your ability to leave Arizona, consult your DUI attorney.

Understand the fact that leaving Arizona doesn’t grant you the permission to get in a vehicle that lacks an ignition interlock device. If you are caught driving in a car that doesn’t have an IID, you’ll find yourself in a lot more trouble than you were when you committed the DUI. Don’t take the chance, prepare for the trip in advance and make sure that your car is in a good enough condition.

If you need to have an IID service appointment while you’re out of Arizona, you’ll need to schedule that visit in advance. Get in touch with the local facility in the area that you’ll be traveling to. Just because you’re traveling out of state does not mean you have the right to miss or postpone an IID service appointment.

Finally, remember to drive safely and follow all traffic regulations. Staying out of trouble is even more important for people who already have a DUI conviction and an IID in their car. Sticking to safe driving practices will give you a calm and comfortable trip, as well as a safe return to Arizona.

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