Is It Possible To Pass The Alphabet Stand Field Sobriety Test?

DUI ArrestA lot of us have asked ourselves whether or not we could pass the Alphabet Stand Field Sobriety Test. Personally, I don’t think I could recite the alphabet backwards sober if my life depended on it. I’m almost positive many of you feel the same way.

What Exactly Is The Alphabet Stand Field Sobriety Test?

The Alphabet Stand Field Sobriety Test is a sobriety test that police officers may use in making a determination of impairment. It is non-standardized, which means that it is not endorsed by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). It is not endorsed because it failed to meet the applicable requirements for standardization. However, police officers may choose to use the test.
The test requires you to divide your attention between a mental task and a physical task. The officer will instruct you to stand with your feet together with your hands at your sides and remain still. You will then be instructed to recite the alphabet without stopping. The officer can instruct you to start and stop at any letter he chooses. The officer can also instruct you to recite the letters forward or backwards.

What Does The Officer Look For?

The officer will look for indicators of impairment. These indicators include:

  1. The failure to state a letter;
  1. The repetition of a letter;
  1. Stating the alphabet in the improper order;
  1. The failure to state the alphabet without singing;
  1. The failure to maintain your balance; and
  1. Swaying to maintain balance

Is It Even Possible To Pass This Test?

Yes, it is possible to pass the Alphabet Stand Field Sobriety Test. The ability to perform field sobriety tests, like any skill, may be significantly improved simply by practicing. Practicing not only improves your physical ability, but it will give you the confidence to relax. Relaxation is highly important during performance. Nervousness – even when you’re under the legal limit and driving safely – can create a problem where there may not be one. Knowing what will be expected of you in a any field sobriety test will help you control your nerves and increase the likelihood of getting DUI. So, practice and stay calm.

Ariano & Reppucci

The best way to beat any field sobriety test is to never drive after having any alcoholic beverages. Driving while intoxicated can never be justified by your skill to pass any field sobriety test. If however, you feel your DUI charge is unjustified, call Ariano and Reppucci now. We have lawyers who are experienced and skilled to represent you.