Expunging Your DUI Conviction in Arizona

Expunging Your DUI Conviction in Arizona

Many jobs require that applicants consent to a criminal background check. A background check may also be required in order to apply to attend college, and to even apply to rent a home or apartment. Arizona’s strict DUI laws can leave convicted individuals with a criminal record that could be a road block that prevents them from moving forward in life. Some states will not allow DUI convictions to be expunged or set aside, but Arizona does allow for this option depending on the individual circumstances of the DUI conviction. In Arizona, the legislature uses the term “set aside,” but removing a criminal conviction from your record is frequently known as expungement in many other states.

How to Set Aside Your DUI Conviction in Arizona

If you have a DUI conviction that is making life difficult for you, it is important to consult with a Phoenix DUI Defense Attorney who can provide you with options to seek expunction of your DUI conviction. In order to have your DUI conviction set aside, you must complete an application for the court to review. A number of factors are considered when determining whether or not an Arizona DUI conviction should be set aside. Such factors include, but may not be limited to, the following:

• The time that has passed since the DUI conviction;
• Whether or not there have been other criminal convictions before and/or after the DUI conviction was issued;
• The nature of the DUI conviction, and how serious it was (such as how high the blood-alcohol content (BAC) was, and/or whether or not anyone was injured as a result of the DUI); and
• Whether or not the convicted individual successfully satisfied the terms of probation and/or any other sentence imposed.

The court will take into consideration these factors and if you have had a relatively minor DUI conviction, and you have otherwise been a solid citizen, then you may be able to have your DUI conviction set aside. On the other hand, if a passenger or other driver was injured in the course of the conduct that led to your DUI conviction, a court may be less inclined to set aside the DUI conviction.

Regardless of how serious you believe your DUI conviction is, you should still consider all of your options for moving forward. The longer the time period has been since your DUI conviction, the greater your chances are of having the conviction set aside, especially if you can prove that you have been a law-abiding citizen since the time your DUI conviction was issued. A seasoned Phoenix DUI Defense Attorney can provide you with the resources and tools for moving forward with an application to set aside your prior DUI conviction.

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