The Top Factors that Shape

The Top Factors that Shape DUI Case Outcomes

The Top Factors That Shape DUI Case Outcomes

If you are arrested for DUI in Arizona, you are likely wondering what, exactly, will determine the outcome of your case. The facts are certainly important yet the quality of your Arizona DUI attorney is a primary determinant of how your case will turn out. Even the actions taken by the police when arresting you matter a great deal. Here is a quick look at the primary factors that will shape the DUI Case Outcomes in Arizona.

The Blood Alcohol Concentration

Your blood alcohol concentration will play a major role in your DUI case. If your BAC was at or above 0.08 at the time you are tested, you can be found guilty of the DUI charge. However, if the BAC test was not calibrated properly or if police mishandled the testing equipment or sample, your attorney might be able to win your case.

Administration of the Field Sobriety Test

Police are tasked with administering the field sobriety test in the right manner. If the field sobriety test is not conducted in accordance with the standards of the law or if the test is administered improperly, there is a chance you will emerge victorious and avoid all potential penalties for your DUI charge in Arizona.

Reasonable Suspicion for the Traffic Stop

Police officers in Arizona require reasonable suspicion to pull you over and subject you to sobriety tests. If the officer lacked a legitimate reason to pull you over, there is a lack of reasonable suspicion, meaning the evidence obtained amidst the traffic stop and also after it will not be admissible in Arizona state court.

Were You Read Your Miranda Rights in a Timely Manner?

Police must read Miranda rights prior to performing a custodial interrogation. If police interrogated you in custody and you were not read your rights, the statements you make in response to police questions might not be admissible in court.

Factors That Influence the Field Sobriety Test

As noted above, the field sobriety test must be administered properly. However, even if the test is administered as it should be, there are additional factors aside from intoxication that can compromise your ability to walk a straight line and balance yourself. As an example, if there is rain or if you are wearing high heels, tight clothing or another garment that restricts movement, the field sobriety test will prove quite challenging or even impossible to pass. This is precisely why you need a savvy Arizona DUI defense attorney on your side after your arrest.

Was the Breath or Blood Sample Contaminated?

In order for a breath or blood sample from a BAC test to be admissible in state court, the results have to be legitimate. If your blood sample or breath sample was contaminated, there is a chance you will be found guilty when you are innocent. Rely on your attorney to determine if there might be any issues with the blood or breath sample so a compromised sample is not used against you.

You Were not Actually Under the Influence of Alcohol

If police can prove you were under the influence of alcohol by providing evidence that shows you were either physically or cognitively impaired as a result of drinking alcohol, you might be found guilty of DUI. However, it is not easy for prosecutors to prove an individual is under the influence of alcohol. If sufficient evidence that proves your BAC was above the legal limit is not available, you just might sidestep a DUI conviction. Lean on your attorney to analyze the results of your BAC, collect evidence, interview witnesses and formulate a legal strategy that helps you win your case.