St. Patrick’s Day Means a Crackdown on DUI in Arizona

crackdown on dui in arizona

St. Patrick’s Day Means a Crackdown on DUI in Arizona

St. Patrick’s Day is quickly approaching. Celebrating this festive holiday often means consuming green beer. While St. Patrick’s Day is a day of good luck, you could find bad luck if you decide to drink and drive. St. Patrick’s Day is one of the leading law enforcement days of the year. According to law enforcement records, during last year’s St. Patrick’s Day crackdown on DUI in Arizona, police made 9,814 traffic stops. Those stops resulted in 509 arrests for individuals charged with DUI.

This year, St. Patrick’s Day falls on a Saturday. So, the odds are more people will be celebrating and there will be more patrols out on the road. This year may see an even higher number of stops and arrests based on Arizona DUI laws. If you plan to be out and about while enjoying some green beer make sure you have plans in place so you don’t drink and drive. Take along a designated driver, call a taxi, or use a ride-sharing program such as Lyft or Uber. Even if it is a first offense, you will be facing jail time and you will be spending a lot of money on your fines and your legal fees.

What If The Luck O’ The Irish Fails And I Am Charged With Arizona DUI?

Arizona DUI patrols are in full swing when there are celebrations that are much more likely to lead to drinking and driving. Those holidays include St. Patrick’s Day, 4th of July, New Year’s Eve, Cinco de Mayo, and Memorial Day. When you are facing DUI charges, you will find that Arizona’s DUI laws have some of the strictest penalties in the state.

The first offense DUI is a misdemeanor charge if you are driving with a BAC of less than .15. What kinds of penalties are you facing?

  • A minimum of 10 days in jail, but 9 can be suspended. You could face a maximum of six months jail time.
  • Fines include a $250 fine, $20 probation fee, $210 surcharge, $500 prison fund, $500 public safety equipment fund, and a $20 pay fee.
  • Probation of possibly up to five years.
  • 90-day license suspension
  • Alcohol and drug screening and education.
  • Possible fees for monthly probation.
  • Possible community service.
  • Pay for incarceration fees.
  • One-year ignition interlock device plus the installation fees and monitoring costs.
  • Possible SR-22 insurance.

What Should I Do If Suspected Of Drinking And Driving In Arizona On St. Patrick’s Day?

crackdown on dui in arizonaIf you are pulled over on St. Patrick’s Day during crackdown on DUI in Arizona, because you are suspected of drunk driving, you should be polite. Respond to the officer’s request for your driver’s license, registration, and proof of insurance. You should then ask to speak with your attorney. Politely let the officer know that you will not be answering any questions without your attorney present. Also, invoke your Fifth Amendment and your right to remain silent. Anything that you say can and will be used against you if your case advances to court. Remember, Arizona laws are particularly strict when it comes to DUI charges.

As soon as you are released, you need to have your chemical BAC test done at either a clinic or hospital or by your own physician. If the test you have done shows a lower BAC that the one done by law enforcement, you can use it as part of your defense. Of course, you need to consult with an Arizona DUI attorney as quickly as possible to ensure your rights are protected. The attorney will gather documentation and evidence so he or she can build a strong case on your behalf. If you are facing Arizona DUI charges, schedule your case evaluation today with an attorney who understands Arizona laws.