How to Avoid Getting Pulled Over After Drinking in Arizona

How to Avoid Getting Pulled Over After Drinking in Arizona

How to Avoid Getting Pulled Over After Drinking in Arizona

Law enforcement has many options for pulling you over, but they can’t do so without a qualifying reason or everything they discover could be void. That means that unless you break the law or attract attention to yourself, law enforcement cannot legally stop you.

If you’ve been drinking, you aren’t at risk for a traffic stop and a DUI unless you break the law or give the police officer reason to believe something isn’t right.

If you decide to drive after a drink or two, make sure to be extra cautious to avoid attracting attention to yourself. While you should always be cautious, Arizona DUI laws are so strict that you could face charges for even a small amount of alcohol in your system during a traffic stop.

Here are common behaviors that attract law enforcement’s attention and can lead to a DUI if you’ve been drinking.

1. Struggling to Walk to Your Car

If law enforcement sees signs of intoxication as you make your way to your vehicle, they can have cause for pulling you over to protect the safety of others. Before you even shift the car into park, the officer can ask you questions and do an investigation.

2. Driving Less Than the Posted Speed Limit

While you want to drive cautiously, you don’t want to attract too much attention to yourself. When you drive below the speed limit, it signals to law enforcement that you might not have all your faculties about you. This can be a reason for a traffic stop, which can lead to a DUI charge.

3. Speeding

You don’t want to speed either. Speeding is a reason for law enforcement to pull you over, at which point they could question your sobriety. Therefore, you should avoid speeding to avoid unnecessary traffic stops. It’s best to just go the speed limit.

4. Stopping at a Green Light or Lingering at a Stop Sign

Showing signs of a lack of concentration will give law enforcement a reason to believe something isn’t quite right. So if you stay too long at a stop sign when there is clearly no traffic you’re waiting on or a stoplight turns green and you fail to go for longer than the average driver would, law enforcement might get curious as to what’s going on.

5. Getting Involved in a Fight

Everyone who gets into a fight is not necessarily intoxicated or would have an illegal blood alcohol content. However, police arriving on the scene for an assault when you’re getting into your vehicle could test your blood alcohol content and find you guilty of both assault and a DUI. This could lead to serious issues for you and long jail sentences as well as license suspension.

6. Screeching Your Tires or Taking Off Too Fast

Drunk drivers often stop and start abruptly. Screeching tires is an apparent sign that you aren’t driving normally. Or if you stop suddenly somewhere the cops might suspect that you are driving while under the influence.

7. Colliding with a Non-moving Object

It’s rare for drivers to collide with a stationary object. So when it happens and the driver moves on without noticing, that’s a big sign that something isn’t right. Failing to report property damage to its owner is certainly cause for a traffic stop. It’s better to get out and talk to the property owner than to keep moving to try and avoid a DUI.

The best option to avoid a DUI is deciding to not get behind the wheel after drinking. But because Arizona DUI laws are so strict, you could have one beer and still face a DUI. Instead, drive with caution and care to avoid a traffic stop and you should face no issues.

If you do get charged with a DUI, invoke your right to remain silent and contact our office immediately.