5 Things You Need To Know About Driving Under the Influence

driving under the influence

5 Things You Need To Know About Driving Under the Influence

driving under the influenceDriving under the influence is not a smart choice. Arizona has a legal limit of .08% of alcohol in your system.

Every DUI attorney will tell you that you should never sit behind your wheel when you had a few glasses of wine or beer. It would be safer and smarter if you pay a taxi to take you from one place to another instead of risk your life and the lives of others. Also, the fines for driving under the influence are quite high.

The Usual Scenario

  1. The officer will ask for your driving license – Make sure you stay in your car with your seat belt on. Don’t get out, unless you the officer asks you. The faster you find your driving license, the better. Remember, the officer will notice if you have a problem remembering where have you put it, if your hands are shaky, etc. Every movement of yours indicates whether you are intoxicated or not.
  2. Field tests – Often, the officer asks for field tests such as walking the line, holding one leg up, or counting, for example. Refuse to do this, but remember to be as civilized as possible. Don’t argue, just refuse to do it. Such tests are going to be used against you; remember you do not have a legal obligation to take it. If the officer threatens that they will take you to jail, don’t fall for it. You are probably going to the police anyway.
  3. Avoid answering any questions without the presence of your attorney – Everything you say will be used against you. Just say that you will not answer anything before consulting with your attorney. Sure, the officer might read the Miranda Rights to you, but your statement that you will not talk before talking to your attorney should stop the interrogation. You do not have to call your attorney right then and there.
  4. Don’t be rude – You have the right to refuse to do field tests or answer questions, but never cross the line to argue with the police officer. This is the biggest mistake you can make. Cooperate, but don’t create drama, don’t insult or beg to be let go.
  5. Take the test – Your driving license obligates you to agree to take blood, urine, or breath tests. By the Implied Consent Law, you must take it; if you refuse, you risk losing your license for one year. If your blood alcohol test goes between .08% to .14%, the state of Arizona will charge you with DUI, and if it is more than .15%, you will end up with DUI (DUI with blood alcohol concentration with more than .08%, plus Extreme DUI).

Find out about Arizona DUI laws from AZ Central.

Bonus Tip

Get an experienced DUI attorney, particularly someone you trust to speak on your behalf in court. Also, right after your blood alcohol test in the station, head straight to the hospital and do your analysis and keep the results (if the test shows less than .08%, can use it in court).

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