Tips if You Are Pulled Over by an Officer for DUI

When being stopped by a police officer for DUI here are some tips to follow:

1. Pull Over Carefully and Observe your Surroundings. Reduce the speed of your vehicle and pull over to a safe area. Do not impede the flow of traffic and watch for oncoming traffic that may not be aware of you pulling over.

2. Stay in your vehicle. Do not exit your vehicle unless told to do so by the officer who is pulling you over. Keep your hands in plain view and do not make sudden aggressive movements. Always remember the officer does not know you and is approaching your vehicle with caution.

3. Don’t act suspicious Again the office is observing you. Do not lean into the back seat, lean into the passenger seat or act in a manner which could cause the officer to questions your actions.

4. Follow orders carefully. Whatever it is (within reason) that the officer instructs you to do you should do it. You do not want to disobey lawful orders or create complications for the officer.

5. Speak Carefully. Do not cause conflict or argue. Do not give any information that you are not asked for. If you are cited you will have your day in court to offer arguments.

6. You’re being watched! The police officer is observing you and will mention anything out of the ordinary in the police report. Many police officers have cameras that continually record. Do not do anything that you will be ashamed of later or that will influence other to believe you are guilty.

7. Have you had anything to drink? Again speking carefully, giving any type of answer unless you have not consumed any alcohol (saying no) is typically a bad idea. Remember you should not speak without to the specifics of your citation without an attorney present.

8. BAC testing? You have the right to refuse to take the BAC test. However by acquiring a driver’s license you consent to BAC testing.
Every state including Arizona has implied consent laws. Refusing to take such test may result in harsher consequences than consenting. However, if you are seriously intoxicated, it may be in your best interest not to take the test.

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