Myths And Facts About Sobering Up Faster

DUI MythsWe’ve all heard the remedies on how to sober up faster – drink water, eat bread, drink coffee, take a shower, exercise…etc. Are they myths or are they really ways to sober up faster? A fair answer is that it’s a little bit of both. This short blog will clear the air about these old wives tales.

Drink Plenty Of Water/Eating

Drinking enough water will keep you from getting too drunk too fast and prevent the onset of hangovers the next day. Drinking one cup of water for every drink of alcohol you have will definitely mitigate the effects of alcohol. Part of the reason you’re feeling so drunk is that there is nothing in your stomach to absorb the alcohol. Eating a substantial meal that is carb-heavy will help soak up the alcohol and ease any nausea you may feel.

Eating and drinking water can help you sober up, but it won’t help you beat a breathalyzer test. It’s true that eating a whole loaf of bread and drinking a gallon of water can mitigate the effects of alcohol and make your stomach feel better, but once you blow into a breathalyzer, the device will still be able to read the alcohol on your breath.

Drinking Coffee

Caffeinated beverages like coffee won’t sober you up, but they will counteract some of the sedative effects of alcohol. This means that you will feel more alert. Even if the jolt from caffeine can make you feel more alert, it won’t improve cognitive function, motor skills, or decision-making abilities. Furthermore, coffee, sodas, or drinks like Redbull or Monster won’t change your blood alcohol content. So, if you breathe into a breathalyzer, caffeine will not increase the likelihood of you passing it.

Taking A Cold Shower

The sudden splash of cold water will definitely give you a jolt and wake you up, making you feel more alert. The cold water can also drop your blood temperature, thus reducing any rosiness or redness in your face. It can also soothe your bloodshot eyes. However, just like coffee, it will not change your blood alcohol content and it will not increase your likelihood of passing the breathalyzer test.


Exercising will get your blood pumping, thus making you feel more alert. Like consuming coffee or caffeinated beverages, exercising you will make you feel more in control of yourself. However, it will not change your blood alcohol content either, and it will not increase your likelihood of passing the breathalyzer test.


Yes, the above “tricks” to getting sober may make you feel more alert and in control of yourself. So, there is good reason to believe that it will enhance your driving ability after consuming alcohol. Taking it one step further, if forced to perform a field sobriety test, these tricks may actually improve your likelihood of passing them. However, a police officer will most likely ask you to blow into a breathalyzer. If so, you will almost always FAIL. It is simple, DO NOT DRINK AND DRIVE.

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