Arizona DUI Penalties For Various DUI Convictions 

arizona dui penalties

Arizona DUI Penalties For Various DUI Convictions

arizona dui penaltiesDriving under the influence in the state of Arizona will not go without pressing charges. This state has a strict legal limit of 0.08% of alcohol in the system. Every driver that is suspected to DUI will be taken to the police station, where a blood test will give the correct answer.

However, not every drunk driver will get the same penalty. Some intoxicated drivers are violating the law harsher than others. For instance, a young intoxicated driver may be sent to juvenile court if the judge orders (in case they have violated other laws such as transporting minors while intoxicated).

Increased Penalties for DUI While Driving Minors Under The Age of 15

The penalties are even higher if you happen to drive a minor while you are under the influence. If your passenger is younger than fifteen years of age, you become an offender according to Arizona’s law for aggravated DUI. According to this law, you risk ending up in prison for thirty months. Besides going to jail, you will have to go to alcohol education as well; the treatment program is also included. The fines are high; you will pay as little as $750 and additional fees of $1,750. Your driver’s license will be suspended for three years. Once the three years pass and you get your permit back, you will be required to provide your vehicle with a certified interlock. The interlock of your vehicle may last for more than one year, depending on the judge’s decision.

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Commercial Drivers

Commercial drivers that break the DUI law of Arizona are facing the risk of losing their commercial driver’s license for one year minimum. Many circumstances will affect your fines, such as driving a vehicle while transporting hazardous materials, for example. In that case, the driver will not be allowed to drive for at least three years. If a commercial driver commits a second DUI offense, he or she will lose their driving license forever. In the best case, the license suspension might be (but it is not guaranteed) reduced to one decade.

Drivers Under The Age of 18

An eighteen-year-old driver who will be caught driving under the influence in Arizona will face a suspension of driver’s license for two years. If there are other charges, the driver may be forced to a juvenile court. In case the eighteen-year-old drunk driver was driving accompanied by a minor under the age of fifteen, the driver will get a license suspension of three years.

Older Underage Drivers (Age 18, 19, and 20)

The state of Arizona will press charged against drivers who are between the age of eighteen to twenty. Driving under the influence for drivers of this age requires a driver’s license suspension for 24 months. Besides that, the judge might require a restricted driving license during the suspension period, allowing the young driver to drive to places such as school, work, and home (within specified hours, related to their school or work schedule). In that case, the offender’s vehicle will also have an interlock device.

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