Effects of DUI Conviction on Employment in Arizona

effects of dui conviction on employment

Effects of DUI Conviction on Employment in Arizona

The consequences of getting charged with DUI can be long-lasting. Most people think about the immediate results – license suspension and paying fines. Driving under the influence, however, is a criminal offense in Arizona. As such, it can have an indirect effect on many other aspects of life. Effects of DUI conviction on employment is one aspect that cannot be ignored. One’s career development could suffer because of the DUI charge.

Employment and DUI

The first way in which DUI can affect certain professionals involves the so-called fingerprint clearance card.

A fingerprint clearance card is obtained from the Arizona Department of Public Safety. Teachers, for example, rank among the professionals who need such a card. In essence, the card clears the fingerprints of the respective individual and shows that they have no criminal record.

Anyone who commits DUI may have their fingerprint clearance card suspended or restricted. Such a change will have an immediate impact on the individual’s career.

When a restriction is placed on the card because of a DUI, an individual will be prevented from driving as a part of their job for a period of five years. Depending on the specifics of a job, a person can easily be laid off because of their inability to drive.

Other Professional Consequences

Individuals who need a fingerprint clearance card in order to work aren’t the only ones that will be affected by a DUI charge.

Many companies have a zero tolerance policy for criminal offenders. Thus, individuals who get a DUI may be fired immediately. Such clauses are typically included in the employment contract and they call for termination after a DUI or another criminal conviction.

Even if a person does not get fired, driving under the influence convictions come with a license suspension in Arizona. As a result, a professional could face some difficulties pertaining to going to work. The situation will become even more complicated in instances when a vehicle is impounded because of a DUI charge.

A DUI will also affect the people who are looking for a new job.

A DUI will stay on one’s record for a period of five years. If an employer decides to run a background check, that information will become available. Regardless of the fact that employers don’t really justify the rejection of a candidate, the DUI will probably have an impact on the decision.

Finally, individuals who are looking to improve their career prospects through future qualification may also experience problems because of a DUI conviction. Some vocational and trade schools offering such courses may refuse admission because of a DUI. Students who have a driving under the influence charge may also be denied a chance to pursue financial assistance.

What does This Mean for You?

A DUI charge isn’t necessarily going to have an impact on your job or your future career development. Still, you should be aware of the potential consequences and effects of DUI conviction on employment.

effects of dui conviction on employmentThe type of DUI and the severity of the offense will obviously be taken in consideration when current and future employers are taking a look at your criminal record. The position or professional opportunity you’re applying for will also matter. For example, an Arizona employer cannot discriminate against you on the basis of DUI when you’re applying for business license.

According to EEOC guidelines, an employer should give you a chance to explain the circumstances of a DUI before deciding whether or not to hire you. The time that has passed since the DUI and the rest of a person’s criminal record will also have to be taken in consideration.

A final thing to remember is that your DUI record can be set aside if you fulfill your probation and all other terms of the sentence. Your attorney will guide you through this process and help you find out whether it’s possible to get rid of the record.