Christopher H. Ariano, Esq.

Christopher H. Ariano, Esq.

Experienced, determined, knowledgeable, studious, aggressive, and spirited are adjectives that describe Chris Ariano.

Christopher H. Ariano, Esq.

If you or a loved one is facing a criminal charge in Phoenix or the surrounding area, you need the experience, determination, and aggressive defense Christopher Ariano will provide. With your freedom at stake, how can you trust anything else?

Attorney Ariano is an accomplished and seasoned criminal defense attorney. Attorney Ariano has represented clients who are facing, among other charges:

  • DWI/DUI charges,
  • Drug crimes,
  • Thefts such as burglaries and robberies,
  • White collar crimes,
  • Sex Crimes,
  • Assault and Violent crimes such as murder, manslaughter, and
  • Arson,
  • Gang-related crimes
  • Kidnapping

The difference between Christopher Ariano and other attorneys is the dedication to which he devotes to each case. Attorney Ariano does not delegate representation of his clients’ cases to junior attorneys or paralegals. Instead, Christopher works very closely with his clients to develop very close interpersonal relationships with them. Fostering close working relationships encourages frank discussions between client and attorney. As a result, clients can trust that Attorney Ariano will give them the advice that best suits their needs.

Facing criminal charges can be fraught uncertainty. You could face jail time, fines, probation, and parole. If that happens, then you could lose your job, and you may not have an opportunity to care for your family. The uncertainty you face is why Christopher will meet with and work in close cooperation with you in your case. Close collaboration will help you develop an effective defense strategy designed to defend your interests, protect your rights, and help you get on with your life.

The strategy you decide upon will depend on multiple factors. Those factors include:

  • whether you are facing any minimum mandatory prison sentences,
  • the relative strength of the case against you,
  • your tolerance for risk given your personality and your prior record
  • your prior criminal history,
  • your desire to enter a plea bargain with the prosecution, and
  • the potential collateral consequences of your action including your immigration status, employment status, and status of your driver’s license.

Christopher will want to discuss all of these factors with you. He will also want to know about your personal life, your family life, your employment history, and all other relevant factors.

Christopher owes his success as a lawyer to the lessons he learned growing up. Chris developed his competitive spirit through his devotion to the Chicago Bears. In his high school years, Chris was a championship golfer. Through that experience, he learned that success is not automatic and you must work exceedingly hard for the things you want out of life.

Chris’ success in high school drove him to enroll in the prestigious Leeds Business School at the University of Colorado. He graduated from Leeds with a Bachelors of Science Degree in Information Technology and Human Resources Management.

Once college was completed, Christopher enrolled in the Detriot Mercy School of Law where he pursued a career serving others in the practice of law, just like his father and an older brother who preceded him into the practice of law. Chris received many awards in law school. Additionally, Chris held the distinction of interning for the Honorable Mark Randon, federal magistrate justice of the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Michigan.

Christopher’s upbringing, educational background, and competitive spirit give him an advantage when representing criminal defenses. There is too much at stake for you to take on the government when facing criminal charges. Instead, count on Christopher Ariano to be there for you, fighting every step of the way toward the best outcome for you, your family, and your case.

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BS, University of Colorado
JD, Detroit Mercy College of Law

Bar and Court Admissions

Arizona State Bar
US District Court of Arizona