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DUI Prevention Programs

If you have been charged with driving under the influence (DUI) you can face serious consequences under the law. For example, Arizona has a zero tolerance law for driving under the influence while also underage.1 In Arizona the minimum legal drinking age is 21.2 In other words, if you are under 21 and driving with […]
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DUI Arrests

So you have been arrested while driving under the influence (DUI) and you may wonder what to expect. It is best to know what kinds of sanctions you face and how to continue your life after dealing with these sanctions. In Arizona it is unlawful to drive or even by in physical control of a […]
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Car Crash! Who is at Fault?

When in a car accident you may wonder who determines which driver is at fault and how is it determined who is at fault? Determining liability for the accident is important for many reasons. Who determines who is liable for the accident? In most accidents the insurance company determines who is at fault. They will […]
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